Lee Lozowick Project live – Please

Lee Lozowick Project live in Lucinges (France) July 23rd 2008
Please (extrait de l’album « L’Ange Brisé ») :
« Things ain’t gettin better
Least not that I can see
So much crime and violence
and hate and cruelty
Muslim killin’ infidels
Infidels killin’ back
Christians cursing everything
Their uptight lives still lack
All I want’s a little change, now
Yeah, just a litttle peace
All I want’s a little change, now
Yeah a litttle sweet release
Hearts are breakin’ easier
Learning’s gone to hell
Viruses get smarter
Goodness doesn’t sell
Sorrow, always so close
Happiness so rare
I’m askin’ anyone for help
God or man, I don’t care
I don’t care who’s listenin’
I don’t care who’s there
Just give me what I’m askin’ for
Please it’s only fair
I’ve traveled the world over
Worked and kept on track
All I want’s this little thing »